Rude Gyal Business Model

SUMLION BUSINESS MODEL As some of you know, Anna Henriques and I have been working on a jewelry line “Galavant” for the past few months. If any of you have looked on an anytown…

Jamaica Selling Out Its Paradise: CNN Op-Ed by Wendy Townsend

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I am reposting this article from CNN’s website. Please share it widely. You can find it online at Editor’s note: Wendy Townsend writes for children and young…


I have to share the below as it is a fascinating and very hopeful article on the state of civilization and our planet, and the change that is possibly coming. I love the… Continue reading


( Welcome to Jamaica Jewish Tours, my new venture! What??? There are Jews in Jamaica? Well, yes! We – I’m one of them – are mostly descended from Sephardic Jews who fled the Spanish… Continue reading

the Colors of Emotion

Mindful Separation

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Sometimes, a person comes into our life at just the right time.  We connect immediately, deeply…and we soar like birds.  We help guide each other through certain obstacles…


  I fell in love with Japan 20 years ago. I lived there from 1995 to 1999. It got under my skin, deep into my being, for its awareness of beauty and meaning… Continue reading

The Sacredness of Life and the Importance of Attics

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A fellow-blogger and author, Jack Scott, shared this story on Twitter the other day. The life of Ms. Tina Strobos, who died last year, moved me so…

Our First Visit to a Synagogue

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It was Friday evening, and the sun was low in the sky as we parked in a space off a narrow lane behind the Shaare Shalom Synagogue on…

“A Sense of Love”

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“You come down here to remember what love is all about.” On a humid morning in East Kingston, CEO of the Digicel Foundation Samantha Chantrelle said this…